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Join FTK in building a Secondary School in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
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FT Kilimanjaro is a Tanzanian NGO fighting poverty in Lower Moshi, Kilimanjaro

The Objective of this project is to facilitate quality education in Lower Moshi by adding a new secondary school in an area where there are no secondary schools available nearby: Katanini Secondary School.

The project aims to build a secondary school in Chekereni Weruweru Village. Currently it has 1 primary school (Katanini Primary School with 875 pupils) and no secondary school. The nearest secondary school (called TPC Secondary) where the students of this area can enroll is 15-18km away resulting in many students not progressing their education beyond primary school. Currently 246 students coming from Katanini Primary School attend TPC Secondary. Most of them walk the 15km to get there, resulting in missing classes, low attendance and poor academic performance as a consequence of being tired from the long walks to/from school and less time to do homework. Some young girls are tempted with lifts along the journey to school and are then taken advantage of, resulting in unwanted pregnancies. Building a secondary school will increase the number of students continuing their education, will improve academic performance and reduce risks the young people currently face on their journey to school. This project will result in the increasing academic standards in two schools as we avoid overcrowding in TPC Secondary school.

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The project will be a joined effort with the local government, local community, parents, ministry of education and other stakeholders. The community is very committed and have raised some funds to build the foundation of some classrooms already (see picture). This project would make secondary education accessible for thousands of children in the coming decades. This is a stepping stone towards further education, being it vocational training or college/university. In Tanzanian culture if these children become successful they will support their families & communities in their home village & with that have a long term effect on their prosperity.

If we cannot reach the target we have set to complete the full build we will either realise as much of the school as possible for them to be able to start schooling there or it will be spent on improving the transport situation of the students. Either way your donation will make a difference!


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Help from some donors

08-11-2021 | 11:06  Good news: We have had received commitments from some donors including local donors. Therefore we reduced the target amount to €10000
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