Fegan's Trek to Kilimanjaro

Paul Fegan

( Member of team: Katanini Secondary School - FT Kilimanjaro )

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As we are traveling to trek Mount Kilimanjaro I would like to give back to the people of Tanzania in some way for hosting us on this amazing challenge. Would like to do this by assisting in the long term development of local communities around Kilimanjaro through education and this is where FT Kilimanjaro comes in. They have an ambitious project to build a secondary school for the young people of the Lower Moshi area. 

I will uploading blog posts on this donation page from time to time with updates on our preparations as well about the trek itself when it's completed!

Please note that the trip to Kilimanjaro will be fully funded by us the family, all donations go directly to the charity to fund the project.

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Fegan’s Trek to Kilimanjaro

13-05-2021 | 18:30 This coming July I will be attempting to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Taking on this massive challenge with me will be my Dad (Brendan) and my Brothers (Michael & Gary). We are a family from County Down, Ireland and with our Dad having his 60th birthday this year the original inspiration of the trip was to celebrate in style with a trek to the top of Kilimanjaro! I also wanted to use this opportunity to try and raise some support for a charity which can benefit the local people of Tanzania, to this end I am working with the charity FT Kilimanjaro. You can click on this link to find out More information about FT Kilimanjaro.  They run a number of different projects with local communities around the Lower Moshi area. For me having access to a great education when I was younger has given me some amazing opportunities in life, most recently to move to The Netherlands and to travel the world working as an engineer. For this reason I would like to raise funds for educational projects aimed to benefit the young people of these communities in Lower Moshi. With our family home being close to the Mourne Mountain’s in County Down, hiking has been a regular favourite activity for all of us but for none more so than our Dad. Locals to the Mourne’s know Dad as a regular feature of the hills there and if you cross paths with him on the trail you can expect to stop for a long chat about the weather, other routes through the hills and the general ‘craic’. Kilimanjaro will be our biggest challenge yet though and so our training and preparation for this challenge also has to take a step up. Both Michael & Gary live in Belfast City but most weekends they are traveling to the Mourne’s to meet Dad to get in some training. Most recently they completed the Mourne Wall challenge! For those that do not know, this challenge follows the Mourne wall route through the Mourne Mountains range. Over 2 days they hiked to the top of 15 peaks, covering 32.4km and 2970m of elevation gain. For me, my job has me travelling a lot to Asia especially to Taiwan and although I am not able to join the others as often in the Mourne’s this travel for work offers me other opportunities to prepare for Kilimanjaro. In May 2021 I went to the summit of Yuanzui Shan in Taiwan. Although relatively short in terms of distance covered this challenging climb involved near vertical inclines up to an altitude of 2180m. Ropes, ladders and a head for heights were needed for this one. Later at the end of May I will be taking on the tallest mountain in Taiwan, Jade (Yushan) Mountain, with some of my work colleagues. This will cover a distance of 21.8km, rising to an altitude of 3952m (Kilimanjaro alt. 5895m) and will be done over 2 days, spending a night sleeping on the mountain. I will be sure to update you all on this trip after it is completed! All support towards our Kilimanjaro journey is much appreciated and a special thanks to the company I work for, ASML who have already agreed to sponsor me 500 Euro’s towards FT Kilimanjaro and their educational projects. Please be assured that the trip to Kilimanjaro is being fully funded personally, by us the family. All donations will go directly to the charity in full. Thanks for now and more updates to follow! Paul & All The Fegan’s
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